The law firm has been in existence since 1976.

Founded by

  • Rechtsanwalt Dr. Klaus Spiekermann

  • Rechtsanwalt Karl-Heinz Blang

The law firm Spiekermann und Partner combines tradition and modernity in the interest of its clients. More than 45 years of local practice have given the attorneys a thorough knowledge of the city and the problems of its people. Many citizens experience our legal system as inscrutable. We mediate between citizens and the judiciary.

We draw our expertise from our specialist knowledge, which is always kept up to date, and from our many years of experience. It goes without saying that we work with the most modern communication media and have access to modern databases. In addition, the office pays attention to a good education and training also of the office staff.

The basis of every client relationship is trust. We take the trust of our clients very seriously. We therefore analyze each client's expectations very carefully and individually, and then discuss the costs, benefits and risks of the legal paths to their realization. In this way, we provide the client with all the information relevant to his or her decision. If necessary, we also draw on a network of experts (tax advisor, pension expert, mediator).

We always negotiate with the client on an equal footing. We take the time that each mandate requires. The exchange with the client is important to us and sufficient space is given for this. The client will be well informed at all times during the cooperation and will have a broad basis for decision-making on how to proceed. In doing so, we strive to strengthen each client's sense of what is feasible and to work with him/her to achieve what is feasible. We work toward out-of-court solutions and advocate for the client's goals in court if that is the better path to success.

The support of the client and the mandate by the lawyer(s) handling the case is of primary importance to us. However, we work hand in hand. Every lawyer in the firm can be consulted if individual questions arise in his or her area of expertise.

We see part of our competence in recognizing where this has its limits. That is why we refer to experts for mediation, and to counseling centers, self-help groups, etc. for other advice and personal support. When it comes to children's issues, we also work with experts to find a solution in the best interests of the child.